Product Diversion


Vorys attorneys have experience identifying internet retailers that are illegally selling clients’ products outside of the intended chain of distribution, as well as individuals or business who are diverting products to online retailers.  Many companies and businesses want to control the distribution of their products and do not want their products sold by third-parties on the internet, especially below retail prices.  Vorys attorneys protect these businesses’ rights to control their own distribution channels by setting up procedures to prevent and detect product diversion, and to assist in identifying and stopping product diversion. Vorys attorneys have recovered substantial damages, and attorneys’ fees from product diverters, and online retailers selling diverted products. 

As an example of Vorys’ results, Vorys attorneys have recently obtained Court orders ordering online retailers to cease selling diverted products and requiring an online retailer to disclose the source of the diverted products she was selling online.  Vorys attorneys have also recently identified and reached settlements with several online retailers for the reimbursement of damages and attorneys’ fees.