Defamatory content posted on the internet can destroy the reputation of a small business, a Fortune 500 company, or a professional, such as a doctor, lawyer or accountant. Our team of experienced litigators is unique because we combine the technical acumen of internet attorneys to help clients stop further defamation, end revenue drain and recover damages.

Our Experience 

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In the wild west atmosphere of the internet, experience matters. Our team innovated in the early years stopping online defamation, and, through those experiences, we have learned when legal tactics will help alleviate problems and what will result in wasted time and money. We are subject subject-matter experts in the field and, unlike many in this space, can call upon the vast resources of an AmLaw 200 law firm. We have been involved in a variety of internet defamation cases and understand how to navigate the common pitfalls.  Some of our recent successes include:

Our Team 

Online defamation cases are complex and oftentimes require the skills of other service providers. We understand how to use our legal services in combination with other service providers and have developed a network of crisis response professionals to assist with these matters. This network includes:

Across the United States 

A business or professional will often seek an attorney based on location. However, because of the highly specialized nature of internet law, there are few attorneys who have significant experience with online defamation.  Our team of litigators focuses on these cases daily and often simultaneously work on dozens of cases across the nation. Our attorneys are admitted in many states across the country.  Plus, we have a well-developed network of local counsel with whom we work on a regular basis in our capacity as national and regional counsel.

Quick Response is Needed

False statements on the internet can severely damage reputations and cause harm to your revenue. Search engines optimize results by relevancy, not by quality. Lies and deliberate misinformation can spread virally on the internet just as easily as legitimate consumer concerns or complaints.  Given the short statute of limitations for online defamation cases, it is important to consider taking action quickly.

Our team has had numerous clients that believed an internet defamation issue would go away.  Over time, the issues got worse and when the client wanted to take action, it was often too late.  If you are beginning to experience online attacks, it is best to seek counsel regarding your possible solutions sooner rather than later.