Our Experience


Our 18-attorney internet defamation group has unique experience assisting clients who are being damaged on the internet. We focus on these cases daily and continually refine our strategies and tactics to best suit our clients.  We are often working on dozens of cases across the country at any one time, and are constantly using the most up-to-date technologies and approaches to solve our clients’ internet problems.

We have developed solutions to a plethora of negative situations that companies regularly face online, including defamation, false reviews, unauthorized product sales on the internet, traffic diversion, product diversion, trademark infringement, SEO manipulation, copyright infringement and public disclosure of private facts.

Below are just a few representative examples of results we have successfully obtained for our clients:

We have extensive experience working with other service providers in the industry, including cyber investigators, PR firms and companies that provide search engine optimization services.  As a result, we know how to use our legal services in combination with other service providers when appropriate, and who can deliver those services when needed.