False Reviews


The Vorys internet defamation group has substantial experiencing assisting victims facing false reviews on the internet.  It is not uncommon for companies to pay for false positive reviews regarding themselves, or to post false negative reviews concerning their competitors on the internet.  Vorys has developed a host of technical and legal methods to help our clients in these situations. 

We have experience removing false reviews and filing lawsuits against the competitors who post them.  In certain cases, we are able to file a lawsuit against the competitor for trademark infringement, which often allows for disgorgement of profits and recovery of damages and attorneys’ fees.  

The review does not have to be posted by a competitor.  We work with cyber investigators to identify individuals who post false reviews, and then take the necessary actions to remove the false reviews.  In many jurisdictions, because the false review directly attacks your company’s business reputation, damages are presumed under the law.